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In my ever-changing journey as a chiropractor, I am continually surprised at the healing ability of the body. After 25 years in practise, I am equally astounded at the new techniques and tools I now have at hand, to enhance that healing ability.

The basic things are still critical.Skills in manipulation, analysis by touch, and the ability to diagnose a problem quickly are each very important, however, my treatment emphasis has changed over time to a whole body-focus, as it became clear that nothing works in isolation.

Muscle testing, or Kinesiology, has long been a great diagnostic tool that I have used to assess the spine, but also the other, more peripheral, joints of the body.

I now also have a great interest in treating all of you who have sports injuries involving knees, ankles, shoulders, wrists and elbows.

I have become very proficient at fabricating and modifying orthotics for my patients who need them. For many people, it is impossible to stabilize their pelvis unless their feet are stabilized first. This fact, along with the high cost of podiatry orthotics, led me to learn and to produce orthotics which are highly professional and extremely cost-effective.

I now combine rehab and joint stabilization exercise treatment, as results show that it leads to quicker healing and better long-term outcomes for you.

Dry needle therapy has been another massive inclusion in my practice, due to its ability to rapidly eliminate muscle spasm and pain and to help eliminate old scar tissue in your muscle.

My patients are all so wonderfully, different and not all people respond to the same techniques with the same response rate, so I have become an expert at isolating problems quickly and now have a fantastic array of treatments that provide pain relief, increase the patient’s ability to heal themselves and which are whole-body focused for true and ongoing wellness.

To all my patients and new patients to come, I wish you the very best in health and happiness.

Kind Regards

Dr Colin Budich

Carlton Health Group.

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